Wake Up, Carlo!

Animated Series-  13 x 24 min - Netflix / Copa Studio

Role: Animation Direction

Carlo wakes up from a nap after 20 years and discovers that his childhood friends have become busy adults.
This child who never grows up, alongside a monster who doesn't want to scare anyone and a peace dove that doesn't fly, is determined to gloriously fail so that the Kingdom of Decisions can return to being the Island of Fun Without Reason.
This place that awakens the dormant child within all of us... and a bunch of other things.

Techinical Information

2023 | Fiction (Animation)  | Targed Audience: Children, 10 years old
SEASONS: 1 | EPISODES: 13 |  DURATION: 24 minutes


Juliano Enrico


Copa Studio and Netflix

Animation Direction

Ivanildo Soares